im simran kalsi, im 17 years old and i live in england, CALIFORNIA IS MY LIFE ive been there once and i intend to go back and never return....manish has my heart

  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it


why are teenage girls so belittled? have you met a teenage girl??? they study harder than any boy i’ve ever met. they’re nicer than any boy or man i’ve ever met and their goals and dreams are no less valid so why are they treated like their brains are mushy lumps of goo that only think about boys 24/7???


sometimes im like “wow i love taylor swift” and other times im like “wO W I LO VE TAyLO r sW I F T” and it may not seem like there’s a difference but there is


B&W depression blog



Nintendo Oui

I have been waiting for this for 84 years

It is…how you say a…metaphor

indie/bambi blog 
90s stars before and after, YOU WANT TO SEE THIS.